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Once you start using them,you won't go back to anything else!

Perfect for those who work &  play in a cold environment.


Neoprene Gloves shut out the cold air.

Neoprene, the material familiar to many people from fishing and hunting

gear, is the perfect material for those who work in a cold environment.


Neoprene has an extremely high level of insulation and a heat-retention

effect and it is perfect to protect you from the cold, wind and rain.


The effectiveness exceeds more expensive thermal gloves. Neoprene rubber

prevents body heat from escaping.


You can even feel the difference when the inside of the gloves get wet.

The secret is your own body-heat.


Neoprene rubber retains your body-heat and keeps your hands warm,even

when they are wet.


Design & Quality by Neo Work Gear Pro in Tokyo Japan.