Welcome to Neo WORK GEAR PRO


≪ Who We Are?≫

We have been making premium neoprene gloves over decade, provides varieties of work wares and out door items with high quality neoprene material. 

Our proprietary brand, NEO GEAR PRO offers varieties of goods such as waterproof gloves, socks and headwear.


≪ Quality Comes First ≫

High quality neoprene waterproof groves with special sawing technique and glue.

Formed by the three-dimensional cutting, gloves improved the mobility of hands and increase the comfort level.


≪ Service Provided ≫

We specialize in a variety of neoprene products to fit your individual needs. 

We can also customize your original designs on an OEM basis.

Please send any inquirers to us! 


≪ Various Usage ≫

Fishing and livestock industry, rice farming, construction site, snow covered mountain, refrigeration room, snowboard, motorcycle, fishing, gardening.